A useful alternative to juices: smoothies for good health and figure

This drink is gaining popularity among people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

Корисна альтернатива сокам: смузі для міцного здоров&#039я та фігури

It tones, contains large amounts of nutrients and trace elements, removes from the body toxins that have accumulated, has a pleasant taste and even promotes weight loss. Talk about the features of the band and choose for yourself the best recipe of its preparation?

What is the benefit of a smoothie?

Thanks to its technology of preparation of the beverage is able to fully preserve all the properties of fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs and even milk products. The main rule of drinking smoothies is that it should be taken immediately after cooking, while keeping all the vitamins.

The product is also rich in fiber and dietary fiber, which tone the body and give it energy without the appearance of heaviness in the stomach or feelings of discomfort, as is the case with other beverages. Despite this, after his admission, lost a sense of hunger, which is important when dieting.

Another advantage is that the vitamins and minerals that it contains, strengthen the immune system and help fight viruses and bacteria. The constant use smoothie helps eliminate toxins from the body.

It is also worth noting that this product has excellent anti-stress effect: it is able to relieve fatigue after a busy day, giving strength and additional energy to the body.

In order to strip most of it affects your body, we recommend you to give preference to specific types at different times of the day. In the morning a hearty Breakfast is necessary and a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Easy to cope with this drink with a grain components, muesli, cereal, or nuts. Day to maintain the tone will help berry-fruit smoothie or fruit and a small amount of dark chocolate. In the evening nutritionists recommend to give preference to vegetable drink with herbs that relieve fatigue after a hard day.

How to make a smoothie?
We already knew that the band usually consists of fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs. Sometimes these are added to yogurts, milk, water or yogurt to the drink was thick and rich.

In addition, the product can replace a full Breakfast, adding cereal or nuts, which will make it more satisfying. If you want a little sweeten your food, add dried fruit, dark chocolate or honey. In the preparation of the drink can safely operate her own imagination and taste preferences, making for not only healthy, but delicious snack.

If You are on diet, use chocolate, ice cream or dried fruits are not recommended because they contain sugar. Also, do not add in this case, too sweet fruits and berries, fatty dairy products and honey.

Using this drink into a meal, You will not gain weight and satisfy your hunger or thirst. But we should not exclude from a diet of regular food. It is better to alternate with smoothies, thereby supplying the body with essential nutrients. So, if in the morning You had Breakfast porridge, replace dinner vegetable drink. In the morning, but if You prefer polacoat smoothie with yogurt and fruit, in the evening eat cooked in vegetables fish.

Finally, we offer You several recipes that are sure to appeal to You heart:
Vitamin cocktail of greens
Finely chop 150 g cabbage, peeled cucumber, bunch of cilantro and add to it 100 g of canned pineapple. Put all the ingredients in the bowl of the blender and pour 150 ml of cold green tea. Add the lemon juice and a tablespoon of floor ginger. Whisk in a blender and pour in glasses.

Smoothies with yogurt and dried fruits
Grind until smooth in blender 50 g dates, dried apricots, prunes and fresh banana. Pour the mixture a Cup of yogurt and whisk again all. Pour into glasses and enjoy a drink.

Smoothies with fruit and berries
Take 150 grams of yogurt without fillers, add blueberries, banana, raspberries and strawberries. Blend ingredients until smooth and pour in glasses.

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