A version of “virtual” 2nd “one-man show” by Phil Roy

Une version «virtuelle» du 2e «one-man show» de Phil Roy

The artists multiply the ways of reaching the public, despite the social distancing. After Étienne Drapeau, Jonas, and Sugar Sammy, to name just a few, this is Phil Roy embarked also in the movement.

In recent weeks, the comedian was in the process of finalizing its second show, that does not always under. He had even started his break-in period, weaving through the small halls across the province of Quebec to present a first draft of her new material and receive comments and reactions from the public. However, with the current situation, its performances have been postponed.

Despite this, Phil Roy has found an ingenious way to feel the pulse of his fans, continuing his performances of break-in, but on the web: he created a “show room virtual”.

Using the app Zoom available on phone, computer tablet, Quebecers will be able to attend, free of charge, to a version of “covidée” of his show, and this, in the comfort of their living room.

“Since recently, I am writing time and break-in for a second show, and then WHAM! The COVID-19 arrives. In this period of quarantine, where everything is confined, cancelled, and that “in pydj” seems to be the habit to be the most appropriate, it complicates a bit my project! Then I created a “show room” virtual, where you could attend, free of charge, to a version covdiée of the show…in the comfort of your soft. The room currently has 50 seats, so this is why I’ll make more!”, wrote Phil Roy on Facebook.