A veteran born during the Spanish flu survives the COVID-19

LEBANON, Oregon – A veteran of the Second world War born just before the outbreak of the Spanish flu pandemic has survived the COVID-19.

William “Bill” Lapschies has recently celebrated its 104 years, celebrating his victory against the coronavirus, which he contracted at a residence for veterans, Edward C. Allworth, located in Lebanon, Oregon.

According to what have been reported by local media, the man began to experience symptoms of the COVID-19 march 5. Since then, 15 residents of the settlement have contracted the disease and two have died.

William Lapschies, he fell “very ill” according to his daughter, Carol Brown, who addressed the local tv KOIN, an affiliate of CBS, last week.

The veteran, however, is able to recover.

“I feel very good. I’m ready for a few more years”, has amused the man at a small celebration held at the regulation distance – with his family outside the centre of the Edward C. Allworth.

“Bill is very resilient,” said the son-in-law of the veteran, Jim Brown, stating that his father-in-law has notably survived the pandemic of the Spanish flu, the Great Depression and the Second world War, during which he was deployed to the Aleutian islands, an archipelago off the coast of Alaska.

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