A visitation framed, but nice

Une visite encadrée, mais agréable

Go to the museum in a time of pandemic is certainly an experience more closely, but just as enjoyable… if not more.

Three days of its reopening, the Museum of civilization hosted the media on Wednesday to make the museum experience renewed the visitors will be entitled, as of Saturday, 10 h. All exhibits will be accessible, except fishing Stories, which will be inaugurated next Thursday.

The ticket office has been refurbished.

The main entrance to the 85, rue Dalhousie, has been sentenced. You must enter by the door to the right of it, is the group entry, and the exit is at the rear, by the rue Saint-Pierre, in order to ensure a better control.

Inside, the route is signposted from the beginning to the end, and everyone walks in the same direction, without ever being able to retrace his steps. The visitor can stop at the exhibition room as he wishes, without constraint of time.

The director-general, Stéphan La Roche, explains that screens at the entrance of each room indicates how many there are visitors in the room in real time.

800 visitors per day

A meter has been installed at the entrance of each room. The museum can accommodate 800 people per day, the third of its normal capacity, which makes the experience ” less oppressive “, underlines the director general, Stéphan La Roche.

There are no more guided tours, but the guides are stationed at key times during the exhibition to give short interventions. “It enriches the visit in a very human way,” said Mr. Rock.

Coffee 47, and the coffee extra in the inner courtyard will remain open. The museum has even expanded its food offering with a mobile desk which will be erected on the square. Remember, that it is necessary to buy tickets in advance on the museum website to plan a visit.

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