A VW again suspected of fraud with diesel engines

 Концерн VW снова подозревают в махинации с дизельными моторами

Foreign Reuters reports that yesterday the German prosecutors had raided the headquarters of the automaker in Wolfsburg, Germany, to confiscate documents relating to a new investigation.

According to the publication, the German office of public Prosecutor collects documents related to diesel engine VW EA288, which is a direct successor of the motor EA189, which has been at the center diesel scandal back in 2015.

Volkswagen then used a special device to give false testimony about the exhaust emissions into the atmosphere. This time, however, the company believes the investigation is “unfounded”.

Volkswagen itself has reported a problem with its diesel engine EA288 authorities where the preliminary investigation revealed that the engine does not indicate a failure of the diesel filter.

However, VW said that the engine still complies with the applicable limitations on emissions and they have no rogue devices to falsify emission data. According to Agency Reuters, the company is cooperating with authorities as the investigation directed to individual employees.

Since VW admitted that he was cheating with emissions data, the company spent about $ 33 billion on the solution to all problems – from the payment of fines and court costs to repair.

When the scandal broke, roughly 11 million vehicles were equipped with such devices.

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