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Justin Trudeau

Of the 364 missions assigned to them by Justin Trudeau to his ministers, 67 have been “completed entirely” or “completed change” and three are ” more considered “. Others, such as the promise to balance the budget in 2019-2020, are ” being – with challenges “.


This is the balance sheet that a press release Tuesday, the privy council Office (PCO), the department of the prime minister, on the day of the launch ofa website designed to report on the progress of the liberal government, which has just passed the cape in the mid-term.


In collaboration with various government departments, officials of PCO have also established that the government is “on track” to deliver 218 commitments – that is to say, for example, that a bill has been filed, or that certain steps had been taken.


At a press conference in Ottawa Tuesday morning, a senior official in the Office of the privy council has recognized that the way to assess the progress of certain commitments contained in the letters of mandate ministerial could be the subject of discussion among Canadians.


The assessment of the progress of the promise to achieve a balanced budget in 2019-2020, which was classified in the category ” being – with challenges “, in any case, has made out laughing the journalists who attended the technical briefing.


The senior official also argued that it was not necessary to see this website as a ” report card “, a “tracker” promises “to the liberal platform, or an” evaluation of the work of the ministers “.


Rather, it is a way for the government to show “open and transparent” in going where “no other national government” is not gone before with the publication of the letters of mandate, departmental, and then a follow-up on the way in which we delivered the goods.


The web site has to be updated for about two weeks, said the senior official, stating that no additional cash was spent to carry out this exercise, which is not not binding for the governments subsequent to Ottawa, according to him.


State commitments

66 are ” filled completely “


To establish the Allowance canadian children, to sign an agreement on health with the provinces, to ratify the Paris agreement, reduce tax for the middle class, raise taxes on the top 1% of earners, restoring the tax credit for contributions to a labour fund, to give effect to the decision of the supreme Court of Canada regarding the medical assistance to die, to restore and increase the annual funding to CBC/Radio-Canada to reinstate the long-form census, etc


1 is ” completed modified “


Welcoming syrian refugees — ” although the government has achieved and exceeded its targets, it has done two month later than the schedule originally planned, in order to perform the security checks, medical examinations and the preparations of resettlement necessary.”


218 are “ongoing or in the process” to be completed


Legalize and regulate marijuana, to renew Canada’s commitments to the peace operations of the united Nations, review of the criminal justice system, continue to reduce the ratio between the federal debt and the gross domestic product, review the process, canadian environmental assessment, promoting the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada to extend the induction programme to the campsite, etc


13 are underway – with challenges “


Balance the budget by 2019-2020, to improve infrastructure for aboriginal communities, particularly in terms of housing, invest in education for First Nations, following the recommendations of the Commission of truth and reconciliation, a call for tenders open and transparent for the replacement of the CF-18 fighter aircraft, etc


3 are ” more planned “


Establish a parliamentary committee on electoral reform to investigate alternative options for the election (replacing the first-past-the-round), provide a break of 12 months of contributions to the employment insurance to companies that hire young workers in permanent positions, entirely exempted from GST all new capital investment in affordable rental housing.


21 are ” ongoing commitments “


Promote human rights, gender equality, promotion of peaceful pluralism and respect for diversity internationally, maintain constructive relationships and strengthen trade with the United States, to advance the commercial program progressive of Canada, to ensure that the canadian armed Forces have the equipment they need, etc


42 had ” no status “


These commitments set out in the mandate letters issued in October 2017, at the last cabinet reshuffle, had not yet received status.

www.canada.ca/results”, dated November 14, 2017

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