A white woman denounces a Black font, anger on Twitter

Une femme blanche dénonce un Noir à la police, colère sur Twitter

A video showing a white woman in New York, calling the police after a black man amateur bird had asked her to tie up his dog, became viral on Twitter, a witness to the anger in the face of reports of unjustified Blacks with the police in the United States.

In this video of about a minute, we see the woman, identified as Amy Cooper, with his dog not on a leash – so that dogs are supposed to be in this part of Central Park called The Ramble – complaining about being filmed.

When the amateur birdwatcher who filmed, Christian Cooper (no relation), continued to film, she calls the police.

“An African-American, threatens me, me and my dog, send the police immediately “, she shouts on the phone.

After having been posted on Monday by the sister of Mr. Cooper, the video has been viewed over 25 million times on Twitter, some dealing with Amy Cooper of ” Karen “, the nickname used on social networks to denounce white women relating to false crimes committed by Blacks.

The video shows the ” racism pure and simple “, said on Twitter the mayor, democrat of New York, Bill de Blasio. “This kind of hatred has no place in our city “.

Suspended in the wake by the investment company for which she works, Amy Cooper said on CNN want to ” publicly apologize in front of everyone.

“I’m not racist,” she assured, regretting that “all (his) life” is ” being ruined “.

“I think I just got scared. This is not excusable, not justifiable “, she added.

Christian Cooper has explained the wish to “show” this kind of incidents. “Unfortunately, we live in a time where black men are seen as targets, like what happened with Ahmaud Arbery “, he said on CNN.

Ahmaud Arbery, 25, was shot dead on 23 February last, while he was jogging in Brunswick, in the State of Georgia. It is only after the emergence of a video of the drama, in early may, three people have been arrested, including a former police officer and retired who claimed to have mistaken for a burglar.

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