a wild fireworks start a fire in an apartment

    a wild fireworks start a fire in an apartment

    The firefighters intervened during the night from Thursday to Friday for a fire start in an apartment, northern district of Nantes. The fire had been caused by fireworks.

    It became an almost daily practice in some neighborhoods during the second confinement. And it’s not just in Nantes, in Angers too. In the popular districts of Belle-Beille, Montplaisir, La Roseraie. In Nantes, it’s in Malakoff, La Bottière, in Les Dervalières and last night it was in the north of the city, rue Hermann Geiger, between l’Eraudière and La Beaujoire. More wild fireworks shots.

    Shortly before 4 am, the firefighters were called to start a fire in an apartment. Two pump vans were mobilized and they deployed a fire hose to extinguish the fire which had caught in various objects on a balcony.

    It is a fireworks display fired with a mortar (tube) which had landed at this place. Fortunately, no one got hurt.

    These wild shootings began to become regular during the first confinement and then have multiplied since the start of the September. Since the second confinement, they have been heard in certain neighborhoods every evening. The Loire-Atlantique prefect issued a decree in mid-December prohibiting the sale to individuals of this type of product. But that didn’t change anything.

    Police officers were also the target of shots during certain interventions.

    see the report produced in Angers

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