“A wind of madness is blowing over the globe”, said the boss of the UN

«Un vent de folie souffle sur le globe», dit le patron de l’ONU

The secretary-general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, has what to be on the blues when he reported on the international situation in the beginning of the year. The climbing of the never-ending conflicts in the Middle East, Syria, Libya, Yemen led him to speak of a “wind of madness” that swept the planet . And these are not the only threats to the security of the planet, which explain the dark feelings and gloomy of the head of the diplomacy world.

Already last November, Mr. Guterres, had found that the efforts of the world to stop climate change had been “totally inadequate” and that the warming of the climate is approaching fast as possible to the “point of no return” .

The widespread increases of temperatures that result in extreme weather conditions cause the climatic disasters that are felt around the planet with devastating consequences for humans and animals.

This discourages, in particular, Mr Guterres, is that the world has the scientific knowledge and techniques to impede these phenomena, but “what is missing is the political will”.

Guterres pointed out that even if there is a general desire for climate action, especially among the younger generations, the biggest polluters, the United States, China and India seem to be indifferent if not hostile. Without them, the objectives are unattainable .

Trump has pulled out of the Paris agreement on the climate and has initiated a regulatory project intended to preserve the lives of hundreds of coal-fired plants, that Obama wanted to close to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the United States.

To this we must add the other conflicting situations caused by the global warming and wars in the Sahel and the Middle East with their component jihadist stimulated by an islam résurgent. Tens of millions of Middle-Easterners and Africans dream of winning Europe for a life that is prosperous, secure and peaceful for themselves and their children. Same situation in central America where it is ready to everything to reach the u.s.-mexican border and be able to ask for the status of political refugee in the United States.

The population explosion and climatic changes in these regions will only intensify in the coming decades. As the Earth warms and the sea level increases, the massive displacement of population are foreseen.

This is not to mention the endless war that lead the Americans in Afghanistan and other wars that could break out at any moment between Israel and its neighbors or between the United States and Iran. A conflict that was to stretch quickly to all the countries of the Persian Gulf region and beyond.

To complete this tour of the horizon disaster in the international situation, it is necessary to speak of the growing tensions between Pakistan and India, two nuclear powers, the first supported by the Chinese, the second by the United States.

The fact that a narcissistic malicious and megalomaniacal is in the process of profoundly transforming american democracy by taking over all the powers to accentuate even more all the threats that are “clear and immediate” as described above. It must be feared that this dangerous holocaust denier of climate accelerates the mad race of the planet towards catastrophe during a second term.

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