A wind of sand in the Sahara desert is suffocating the Caribbean

Un vent de sable du Sahara fait suffoquer les Caraïbes

A large cloud of dust from the Sahara, which will cover Cuba until Friday, would darken Wednesday, the blue sky of the island, resulting in a peak of heat and could cause respiratory ailments, while this country has declared that the pandemic coronavirus was controlled.

According to the Institute of meteorology temperature record for this time of year, from 37.4 degrees was recorded in the eastern province of Guantanamo, where is the famous american naval base of the same name.

The cloud has already covered other islands or parts of islands in the Caribbean, including Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the dominican Republic, and started to invade the sky in the east of Cuba, but at Havana, his presence will be felt Thursday and Friday, according to specialists.

We observe “areas of dust from the Sahara on the cuban capital, but it is tomorrow [Thursday] morning, that will place the highest concentration,” said on Facebook, meteorologist cuban José Rubiera.

The phenomenon is due to a mass of dry hot air raises temperatures, but also blocks the formation of tropical cyclones, resulting in a sensation of high heat and less rain.

Created by sand storms and dust of the Sahara, cloud, travel to the Caribbean, and is pushed by the wind. This is a normal phenomenon for this season, but this year the concentration of dust is “great than normal”, according to Mr. Rubiera.

“Dr. Olga Mayol University of Puerto Rico, an island heavily affected by the cloud of dust, estimated that this year, the intensity is the strongest in the past 50 or 60 years,” he said.

This “leads to a significant deterioration of air quality”, stressed the scientific cuban Eugenio Mojena, indicating that this cloud is in charge of materials highly harmful to human health” and “the marine and terrestrial ecosystems”.

It contains “minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus, silicon and mercury, as well as viruses, bacteria, fungi, mites, pathogenic staphylococci and organic contaminants”, he added.

Dr. Francisco Duran, the head of the department of epidemiology of the ministry of Health has warned that the cloud could “increase of respiratory diseases, and allergic”, at a time when the island has just declared the pandemic coronavirus controlled, with only one new case reported Wednesday, for a total of 2318 cases, including 85 deaths.

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