A winner of the COVID serves as a warning to offenders

Un vainqueur de la COVID sert un avertissement aux délinquants

Hospitalized for two weeks because of the COVID-19, a paramedic 53-year-old is said to angry to see so many releases and people are reluctant to wear a covering face in public places closed.

“Those who think it is uncomfortable to wear a mask for ten minutes to go to the grocery store, wait until you have a steady nose – a tube for breathing. I don’t even want to not do that to my worst enemy, ” says Denis Proulx, Pointe-aux-Trembles.

At the beginning of the month of may, the paramedic at Urgences-santé has had to be hospitalized for two weeks after having reacted positively to the test of the COVID-19.

“I had difficulty breathing. My wife forced me to go. I finally stayed two weeks in the hospital. I’ve had pneumonia, and a pleural effusion and I have always had a tube of the nose to give me oxygen “, he explains, stating that he has no health problems besides the fact that he is diabetic.

Mr. Proulx had taken care to isolate themselves in a room in the basement to protect his daughter and his wife, Chantal Hébert, 56 years old, who is a nurse at Santa Cabrini hospital in Montreal.

“Despite this, the whole family caught her “, he says.

Relaxations frustrating

The relaxations observed in the last days, as well as the saga that surrounds the port of the mask in enclosed public places led him to share his story.

“My wife and me, we risked our lives by being exposed daily to the virus. See, people don’t put effort, it is frustrating. Every day, health workers are fighting against the COVID. The other hand, there are those who don’t care about rules. I enrage “, let-t-he fall.

“For some, as long as they do not have a full face, they will not be aware of. The instructions are however clear enough, ” added Mr. Proulx.

Symptoms for months

He hopes his story will serve as a warning to those who believe that the coronavirus is a simple flu.

Two months later, Denis Proulx still felt symptoms of the virus and it is still off work, due to lack of energy and physical strength.

“I helped a friend move some small stuff and I had to take a nap after. I’m not in top shape. Even though the virus is no longer there, the long-term impacts are severe. It is strong, ” he says.

♦ Sunday, Québec had 114 new cases. The balance sheet has also increased by seven deaths, for a total of 5627 since the beginning of the pandemic.

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