A wise parable about how important it is to know your price

Мудрая притча о том, как важно знать себе цену

One day the Master came to the young man and said:

— I came to you because you feel so pathetic and worthless that I don’t want to live. Everybody says that I’m a loser, a klutz and an idiot. Please, Master, help me!

Мудрая притча о том, как важно знать себе ценуThe master looked at the young man hastily replied:

— I’m sorry, but I’m very busy and not able to help you. I need to settle one very important matter, and, after a moment’s thought, he added: — But if you agree to help me in my business, I will be happy to help you in your.

… With pleasure, Master, ‘ muttered he, bitterly noting that it once again overshadow.

— Well, — said the Master and removed from his left little finger small ring with a beautiful stone. — Take horse and ride to market square! I need to sell this ring to pay the debt. Try to pull for him more and in any case don’t take the price below the gold coin! Ride over and come back soon!

The young man took the ring and rode away. Arriving at the market square, he began to offer the ring to the merchants, and those initially with interest looked at his product. But as soon as they hear about the gold coin, as they immediately lost to ring any interest. Some openly laughed in his face, others simply turned away, and only one old trader kindly explained to him that gold coin is too high price for such a ring and what it can give is that copper coin, well at the very least silver.

Hearing the words of the old man, the young man was very upset, because he remembered the mandate of the Master in any case not lower the price below the gold coin. Beating the entire market and offering the ring to a good hundred people, the young man again saddled his horse and returned back.

Much dejected failure, he went to the Master.

— Master, I was not able to fulfill your order — sadly he said. At best I could get for ring couple of silver coins, but you are not told to accept less than gold! And as this ring is not worth it.

— You just said a very important word, son! — said the Master. — Before you try to sell the ring, it would be nice to establish its true value! Well, who can do it better than a jeweler? Gallop over to the jeweler Yes ask him how much he will offer us for the ring. But that he you said, don’t sell your ring and get back to me.

The young man jumped back on the horse and went to the jeweler. The jeweler looked at the ring through a magnifying glass, then weighed it on small scales, and finally turned to the young man:

— Tell the Master that now I can’t give him more than fifty eight gold coins. But if he gives me time, I’ll buy the ring for seventy, given the urgency of the transaction.

Seventy coins?! the young man laughed delightedly, thanked the jeweler and at full speed rushed back.

— Sit down here — said the Master, after hearing the lively story of a young man. And know, son, that YOU have this ring. PRECIOUS AND UNIQUE! AND APPRECIATE YOU CAN ONLY BE A TRUE EXPERT.

So why did you go through the market, expecting that it will make the first counter.

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