A wise witch will shed light on your future days

Мудрая ведунья прольет свет на ваши грядущие дни

Thanks for good prediction!

Such predictions are always encouraging!Even the mood has improved slightly. Always pass such tests. They can open a lot of interesting information. Most importantly listen to your intuition before choosing. Then the answer will be as accurate as possible.

So, select the picture which most attracted:

Мудрая ведунья прольет свет на ваши грядущие дни


The witch says that You will meet someone who will become very important to You. Soon will be the first contact, and later You will have common projects.

You missed out on several opportunities that gave You life, and you didn’t even notice it. Do not think that such gifts are endless. You should be more careful to see doors that open in front of You, and immediately begin to act.

Sometimes You underestimate yourself too much. You compare yourself with more successful people, but this is not true; compare yourself with others as You were before. Remember that You have made yourself and did it throughout his life.

You studied, worked, started a family, giving someone You love and receive same in return, You want everybody to be happy, then You have reason to be pleased with himself.


The witch says that someone in Your environment has met with problems and wants to ask You for advice, because he can’t find a way out of the situation. You always know how to help people useful and effective advice, so that others do not get tired to surprise Your expertise, care and responsiveness.

You have to make an important decision, but You and no one is in a hurry, so do not rush, think it through, slowly, from all sides, examine all the circumstances of the case, weigh all “for” and “against”. A hasty decision would be reckless, so it may be wrong. And You want to only do good.


The witch tells You that You need advice. It is important that You have considered the candidacy of the person to whom you can turn to for advice. It should be someone with more life experience, thoughtful, sensible, able to understand Your question and give good advice from the heart.

Someone or something is blocking You in Your life. Even if this particular person and his influence or habit, all this hinders, Your progress on the path to success. You must remove this man, his influence or habit from Your life, only then will You reach the goal.

Someone in Your environment intently watching You. And You don’t know why he does it. Maybe You people don’t like it, but, on the contrary, he treats You with affection and communion with him will add a lot of life experience.

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