A witness captured on video the “God” walking on clouds

Очевидец заснял на видео «Бога», идущего по облакам

Incredible footage of a human silhouette walking among the sky in the clouds, filmed in Alabama (USA), as a local resident made a live broadcast storm in Facebook. The video was published by the Daily Mail

The footage shows full of clouds the dark sky, where there is bright light. After a few seconds the broadcaster sees it move.

“Look at the bright spot in the sky, look directly into this light. This is the one who has the power,” he says.

Scientists have made a “sketch” of God shocked believers and

At this time, in the right part of the bright region appears humanoid silhouette, which for a few seconds moving to the edges and disappears.

Shocked by the sight of users of social networks in one voice shouting that it was “a sign”. In addition, some have advanced the theory that the footage may not be God, but an angel.

Meanwhile, the original video on the website of the author of the translation has gained over a million views.

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