A witness in the impeachment Trump said that Danilyuk was always offering him to lead the Ministry of defense of Ukraine

Свидетель по импичменту Трампу заявил, что Данилюк постоянно предлагал ему возглавить Минобороны Украины

© Facebook, Alex Danylyuk, a Witness in the case concerning the impeachment of the President of the United States Donald Trump wingman Alexander told Congress that the ex-Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Alexander danyluk has repeatedly offered to appoint him to the post of Minister of defence of Ukraine. About it writes on Tuesday, November 19, RIA Novosti.
Wingman — born in the Ukraine, an American citizen, Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. armed forces and expert White house on Ukraine.

Offer from danyluk to lead the Ukrainian defense Ministry reported “several times”, in particular, three times this spring, around the time of the inauguration of President Vladimir Zelensky, said the Colonel.

Windman said that believed the proposal was “comical” and was not encouraged.

“Every time I refused,” — said windman.

Earlier in the hearings of wingman said that he considered it “inappropriate” conversation with a tramp Zelensky in July.

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