A year after the announcement of his remission, Maxence Parrot goes into business

Un an après l'annonce de sa rémission, Maxence Parrot se lance en affaires

Almost a year to the day after receiving the news that he was officially in remission of her Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Maxence Parrot continues to realize his dreams. But this time, it is not as an athlete, but as a man of business that the Quebecers made his mark.

Since a few weeks, the Bromont is proud co-owner of the restaurant, The Number 7 – modern Brewery, which will welcome its first customers as soon as Wednesday, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

“I’ve always had this desire to invest in the restoration. It has always been my passion and after several discussions with my new business partners, we decided to embark on the adventure,” revealed Parrot, who also made the acquisition of a building to housing in the last few months.

“It was a long time since I thought of this and the forced break has allowed me to look at different options. You don’t want to throw yourself into anything either and I was able to take my time before finally making the leap.”

And even if his career as a skateboarder primera on its new commitments, Parrot wants to find the time to engage with employees and customers.

“When I do something, I do it thoroughly. This is not new to me. I want to push in there as much as I can. I’ll take my time, but after my career, it is sure that I will involve myself to the extent possible.”

A triumphant return

It was in August 2019 that Parrot has made his return to competition on the occasion of the X Games in Oslo. After a stop of eight months during which he has undergone 12 chemotherapy treatments, it has not gone unnoticed, putting the hand on the gold in the Big Air.

“I was really happy to win on my return, but I was anxious to see how I would react having competitions each week. It made me a little afraid,” confessed the one who slept regularly between 13 h and 14 h per day on his return from Norway.

The rider 26 years of age, however, has chained the success with victories in this same event at the world Cup in Beijing, then to X Games Aspen.

“I was asked a lot to my body. Then, according to the times, I’d go a little more easy on the training to be well rested. In the competitions, if I was confident, I was even a nap in between sessions. I had never had to do this before, but in the end, it was successful.”

Back in Norway, he ultimately concluded the campaign with two medals: gold in slopestyle and silver in Big Air X Games presented in Hafjell.

“It has been a good year, surely one of the best of my career. I had already planned [in advance of the pandemic of the COVID-19] to conclude my season in Norway and finish with the gold in the slopestyle, it is exceptional”, said the athlete the most decorated of the history of the Big Air at the X Games.

The key to success

The task is far from simple for the Parrot, who had to demonstrate wisdom and creativity to achieve its ends. For the skateboarder, the excellence has a single price: the determination. This is why it is sparing its efforts to achieve its objectives.

“It is very important to me. Often, I am the first one to arrive at training and the last off. But it doesn’t bother me, because that’s what it takes to stay at the top,” he insisted.

“This is a guy very hard, a true professional. It comes down to train, on average, five times per week during the summer and he leaves nothing to chance,” added Maxime Héneault, founder and head coach of the club Maximizes, based in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, where Parrot will begin its preparation for the next season as early as this week.

But before all, it will take the time to sit down with Héneault, in order to develop the strategy for this year of olympic qualification.

“It will be important to perform well next year, especially for the Beijing Games in 2022. As the beginning of each summer, I will sit down with Max [Héneault] to establish the game plan. We will determine what maneuvers it takes to win and, then, we are going to build the exercises accordingly,” he concluded.

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