A year later, the Internet will take people more time than TV

According to a forecast from Zenith news Agency, next year people will start spending more time online than watching television. However, while the gap will be small: the authors of the report suggest that in 2019 people will spend on the world wide web average is 170.6 minutes a day, while on TV they will spend 170,3 minutes.

In their study, the experts considered the Zenith spent on the Internet not only surfing the web on a PC or a smartphone, but also receive streaming content from popular services like Netflix or YouTube that is available on different platforms, including smart TVs.

Через год Интернет будет отбирать у людей больше времени, чем телевидение

With almost a quarter of all information from the Internet in 2019, users receive through mobile devices. For comparison: in 2011, mobile traffic accounted for only 5% of all transmitted Network data. In General the average person will spend about eight hours on the consumption of media content in its various forms, confident in the Zenith.

At the same time, Zenith stresses that in popularity of the Internet will overtake TV in all countries of the world. The company believes that in 2019 it will not happen in Europe and in Latin America and North America. For example, in the US growth of time spent online, over the duration of TV viewing is only possible in a few years.


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