A year of heartbreak for fans of concerts

Une année crève-cœur pour les amateurs de concerts

To say that 2020 was so exciting. It was again the abundance on the market of large international touring after a year 2019 at idle. Two months after the beginning of the crisis of the coronavirus, almost everything has been erased.

The Backstreet Boys are the latest to abdicate in the face of the COVID-19. The world tour DNA, which was packed to Quebec city and Montreal, has been pushed back to 2021.

The blaze has been apprehended in the month of march has materialized. The summer Festival, Osheaga and all the other events have been cancelled.

At the Bell Centre, it remains only a handful of concerts to the schedule in 2020, including those of Harry Styles and Killers. In Quebec city, in the Centre Videotron, only two. Megadeth with Lamb of God as well as Lara Fabian.

Don’t hold your breath. It is a matter of days or weeks before these events do not suffer the same fate as the others.

2021 ?

I know that there are worst problems currently. People die, businesses close. It remains only to see it disappear one at a concert we looked forward to, it punctures the heart of a music lover.

Like all those who have made the same decision before them and who had enrolled in the Quebec route, the Backstreet Boys are counting on a resumption of large gatherings in 2021, which appears, at least for the moment, more than hypothetical.

Without a vaccine, which is not expected before at least twelve months, I fail to see how we might be able to return to attend a concert during the first few months of 2021.

Not for nothing that some artists, I think of the Black Keys and to Journey, in particular, have simply chosen to cancel their tours rather than live in this uncertainty.

The trouble with Dave

The more time that passes, the more boredom sets in for the music lovers.

Dave Grohl knew better than anyone else, making sure to put things in perspective, found the words in an article that appeared last week in The Atlantic.

“I know that those of us who do not have to work in hospitals or deliver packages, we are the lucky ones, but still, I’m hungry as fast as possible and a good old serving of rock and roll live that scratch the ears and makes us sweat. “

The soul of the Foo Fighters concludes on a positive note. We will see you back soon in a show, “he said. I think so, too.

But when ?

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