A young man and a child were killed in the collapse of an abandoned house on the Kuban

Юноша и ребенок погибли при обрушении заброшенного дома на Кубани

A young man and a child were killed on Sunday in the Krasnodar region as a result of collapse of an abandoned house, according to “the Kuban news”.

The incident occurred in the Abinsk district in the garden partnership “Berry”. Three young men climbed into an abandoned building to collect scrap metal, but they collapsed wall.

Two of them died at the scene. They were 18-year-old from garden associations and 14-year-old student-the native of Sverdlovsk region. A third teen managed to survive, but his condition is not reported.

At the scene, investigators are working to find out details of the incident.

At the scene works investigative team. Set all the circumstances of the incident.