A young woman, suspected to have killed Lyon in a game sadomasochistic, review

Illustration of a police car. — GILE MICHEL / SIPA

  • The computer 52-year-old has not given sign of life since August 16.
  • The young woman confessed to having killed the man during a sex game violent and have transported the body in Italy.
  • Analyses are underway to confirm that a corpse found this summer in the Val d’aosta is well that of the Lyonnais.


The investigation is still far from having lifted all the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of a computer scientist lyonnais, which has given sign of life to his loved ones since this summer. But the shadow areas have started to dissipate since the arrest of Anna.

This young girl of 22 years old, living in the Country of Gex, in the Ain department, has been indicted and prison last Friday in Lyon, in the framework of an open-ended instruction to “kidnapping followed by murder in band organized, ” reveals this Friday
The Progress. This young girl, who, outside of her married life and row, played the escort-girls in Geneva, is suspected of having killed this Lyonnais 52-year-old during a game of sexual sadomasochistic that would have turned out badly.

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A corpse charred found in Italy

This single, living in the Croix-Rousse, has mysteriously gone missing on August 16. His mobile phone had stopped working that day and was spotted for the last time at Divonne-les-Bains, in the Country of Gex, like that of Anna, the young woman he seemed to attend. But his credit card continued to be used, by a person in the face concealed shot to distruteurs automatic by cctv cameras. During his arrest, the young woman was in possession of the credit card of the deceased.

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During his time in custody, the suspect would eventually crack and admit to investigators that she killed the computer programmer with two blows of a knife during a sex game. A practice sadomasochistic too violent for her, would she have confided to the men of the brigade criminal.

Expertise scientifques current

It would have then transported the body to the edge of his car and drove up to the Val d’aosta in Italy to get rid of the remains. The police were not slow to make the connection with a corpse found, half-charred and with trace of the knife, at the end of the summer in this area of Italy, adds to the regional daily newspaper.

Expertise scientists have yet to confirm that it is indeed the body of the Lyons disappeared. The investigation is continuing to determine the precise circumstances of this case, the role played by each, and to further define the complex personality of the young woman with multiple faces and multiple lives.