Abandoned at the airport baby 33 years later I learned the truth about his parents

Брошенный в аэропорту младенец спустя 33 года узнал правду о родителях

The man who 33 years ago left a baby in Gatwick airport in London, was able to find out about his real mother and found her father said .

The story began in 1986. In the airport toilet cleaner was found wrapped in a baby shawl, which was allegedly about ten days old. The kid handed over to social services and called Harry Gatwick (in honor of a Teddy bear, which was sold in the airport gift shop).

Later the child was adopted by a family in which grew three girls. Harry received a new name Steven Hyde. When he grew up, he decided to track down the biological parents. To search for information about them took 15 years, since that time, there was only a picture from the airport, a shawl and a pair of children’s overalls .

Stephen helped to find biological family genealogists.

“After 15 years of searching I am pleased to confirm that thanks to the work of genealogists, we have been able to find my biological family. Experts have done incredible work,” said the man.

He explained that his biological mother has died and father is alive. In addition, she also has her brothers and sisters. The man did not elaborate if he got to talk to his family. Meanwhile, Stephen added that she doesn’t know why he left 33 years ago in the airport.

“Why did this happen I don’t want to know. However, it would be interesting to know the exact date of my birth. A lot of questions that I’ll get the answer,” said the man.

He added that not experiencing negative feelings toward their biological parents and had a happy childhood.