Abandoned children’s camp restore in the suburbs

Заброшенные детские лагеря восстановят в Подмосковье

Moscow region government plans to restore abandoned since Soviet times, children’s camps, reports 360.

The agreement was signed by the Moscow region government with the group of companies “Educate”.

“This will allow us to systematically solve the issue of their recovery, to engage unclaimed objects in the economic turnover and, most importantly, get a big social impact: to expand the infrastructure for children’s recreation and education in Moscow region”, – said Deputy Chairman of Moscow region government – Minister of ecology and natural resources of the region Dmitry Kurakin.

In the suburbs there are several dozen former pioneer camps of the Soviet era.

Earlier it was reported that the Moscow authorities this year to organize the rest more than 50 thousand Moscow children of privileged categories. At the expense of the city budget they will be able to visit, in particular, in the Crimea and Belarus.