ABC News: a member of the British Royal family resigned because of ties to pedophile Epstein

ABC News: член королевской семьи Великобритании сложил полномочия из-за связей с педофилом Эпштейном

Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II, in the foreseeable future, will not perform any public functions, reports ABC News. The reason, according to the TV station, was a very bad interview the Prince about his links with American billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
Britain’s Prince Andrew a new trouble — after he gave a controversial interview about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. The Prince announced that in the foreseeable future to perform the duties of the member of the Royal family.
About all these troubles will tell ABC News reporter Eva pilgrim.Some call this step inevitable: today Prince Andrew was suspended from performance of his duties as a member of the Royal family, after the interview about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein has caused lot of criticism.

EMILY MAITLIS, journalist BBC: are You staying in the house…

PRINCE ANDREW, son of Queen Elizabeth II: Yes.

EMILY MAITLIS: …a man convicted for sexual crimes.

PRINCE ANDREW: (Sighs.) There was a convenient place to stay.

Prince argues that in recent times visited Epstein to break all contact with him, while he had spent a few days at home. This interview provoked a strong negative reaction. Many of the sponsors ended the relationship with a member of the Royal family.

In his statement, the Prince recognized that this relationship (with Epstein. — Inotv), and I quote, “greatly undermined the work of my family”. “Therefore, — says the Prince,’ I asked Her Majesty’s permission not to participate in the performance of public duties in the foreseeable future, and she gave her permission. I still definitely regret his unwise dealing with Jeffrey Epstein”.

In an interview Prince Andrew denied any sexual contact with a minor, the accuser.

PRINCE ANDREW: I’m not a man, so to speak, cuddle… I do not show affection in public.

But several British media published pictures like this, where the Prince seems to contradict his statements that was not a partier.

59-year-old Prince insists that, despite repeated visits to several houses of Epstein, he had never seen anything that would indicate unlawful conduct with underage girls.

EVA PILGRIM, correspondent, ABC News: David, the fact that a member of the Royal family was eliminated from their official role because of the scandal, this is unprecedented in the modern era. Since Prince Andrew no longer works at the Palace, he will no longer receive public funds. However, he still has access to the personal funds of the Queen, if it is she likes, David.

But as you said, this is an unprecedented step. Thank You, Eva.

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