About a hundred GMOs are authorized in France, in particular in human and animal food

    About a hundred GMOs are authorized in France, in particular in human and animal food

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    The cultivation of seeds containing GMOs is prohibited in France, but “a hundred GMOs” in total are indeed authorized for consumption, in particular for “human and animal food”, the DGCCRF said on Tuesday January 5, 2021 . The authorizations “which concern corn, rapeseed, cotton, soybeans and sugar beet, allow the importation of seeds and their marketing for processing, but not for cultivation” specifies the Directorate General of competition, consumption and the repression of fraud in an assessment of “GMO research in field seeds” posted on Tuesday.

    In food or textile products, “the GMO character must be indicated”, and “they are controlled by the DGCCRF”, adds the text, which thus confirms in passing a situation denounced by a number of NGOs on the legal importation of GMOs in France and Europe despite the ban on cultivation. The main purpose of the document is to take stock of the controls of unauthorized GMOs found in seeds.

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    Following the detection, in 2018, of a batch of transgenic rapeseed seeds in France, “the investigations carried out in 2019” by the DGCCRF “targeted this crop and concluded that all the batches” placed on the site were compliant. market and controlled, according to this report. In 2018, 3,307 bags of rapeseed seed had in fact been withdrawn from the market and the plots already sown had been destroyed. “The presence of unauthorized GMOs in seeds, seeds intended for cultivation and the first link in the food chain, can have irreversible consequences for the environment and represent a risk to health if their safety has not been assessed “, says the DGCCRF.

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    In France, “the cultivation of seeds containing GMOs is prohibited”, even if their marketing is “possible” under “strict conditions”, recalls the text. One exception, GMO corn MON810, authorized for cultivation in several European countries, but not in France. In general, the controls showed that the main operators (seed companies, cooperatives, etc.) “control the risk of GMO contamination of seeds placed on the market in France” after having examined the research protocols and the reports of ‘testing of the main seed companies, seed breeders and their subcontractors.

    Insofar as the seeds sector is located upstream of the food chain “and taking into account the significant economic consequences which can result from fortuitous contamination by GMOs (grubbing up, withdrawals-recalls, etc.)”, the DGCCRF “will continue the regular checks in this sector “indicates the text.

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