About half of the food products sold in Ukraine – fake

Even scary to imagine what we eat.

Приблизно половина продуктів харчування, які продаються в Україні – фальсифікат

The price of food is increasing, but the quality, unfortunately, is not improving. On the contrary! Shocking figures have led Demirtzoglou,reports Rus.Media.

According to her, approximately 30-50% of products in stores is counterfeit.

Read more – in conversation with analyst at the Center of consumer expertise “Test”, and Chairwoman of the Public control consumer rights protection.

– What products most often falsifiziert?

N. Kilda: – Dairy, in particular oil, where there is a substitution of milk fat with a vegetable. According to our latest research, more than 60% of butter – adulteration. It vysokogorny product, so manufacturers to economically to fake it. Of course, when the composition has a vegetable oil, such products are simply no right to be called oil. It or margarine if dairy fat is not really, or spread, when a certain proportion of still attached. Accordingly, the cost of such a product needs at least 1.5-2 times cheaper than real butter. Same problem, and with condensed milk.

V. Mironov: I would also – hard and processed cheeses. 34 we recently tested 17 samples was found to be counterfeit, that is, 50% supposedly organic dairy products contain the fat non-dairy origin (from 15% to 100% non-dairy fat). Not the best situation with sour cream, where 18-year-7 samples also contained non-dairy fats. Instead of milk fat in the product add fat of unknown origin. To say that it is plant – not. We have milk fat, usually more, and replace seals, fish and chicken fat.

By the way, recently we conducted a study of dairy produce on the content of TRANS fats. And found them in some samples of hard and cottage cheese. The TRANS is incorrect or altered fats. It is proved that they provoke cardiovascular diseases that often cause mortality.

– What is the situation with meat products?

V. Mironov: – We checked the cooked sausage “Milk” and “doctor’s” premium – on the content of monosodium glutamate, the flavor enhancer. In standard, its in the sausage of higher grade should not be, but we found there. This means that this sausage is not enough natural meat and to give the appropriate taste, add monosodium glutamate.

– Where else has discovered the fraud?

N. Kilda: – Even in such simple products, like tomato paste or pepper. The first is often a low dry matter content, a lot of hidden colors and preservatives. And checking the pepper, we recorded a low essential oil content. This means that instead of pepper we sell cake!

Whether it is now more fake foods? If so, why?

N. Kilda: – a few years ago, we noted that a third checked us food adulteration, now it is 50-60%. Manufacturers are trying by all means to reduce the cost of production.

V. Mironov: And in such circumstances, imposed a moratorium on business inspections. Derepressible can verify on two occasions – on the complaint of the consumer or if the test initiates by the manufacturer. It’s not every day we have new producers-lived, which came on the market, sold a party, earned money and went.

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