About parting with the women, men regret the most

О расставании с такими женщинами, мужчины жалеют больше всего

Not all exes are the same. Even if you’re sad about a breakup, they usually feel relieved. The end of a relationship means you’re free to do what you could not do before: to be independent. Suddenly no one else you’re not crushed, and the only person you need to please is yourself.

If you’re building your career, then no one will complain that you are sitting late at work or spending all weekend. You can eat the food that you like to go to bed after midnight or to get up neither light nor vain. You can have the whole day lain on the couch or sit at the computer. You can flirt with other girls, not being beholden to anyone. You don’t need to invent excuses, and your future is full of prospects and options.

But everyone, even the most inveterate bachelor who assures everyone that he is good in this status, sometimes she does miss the relationship.

This can be a small regret, when I want regular sex or warm feelings, and perhaps a greater feeling of loneliness when you think of past girls. But there is one type of former that the longest-remain in memory — the ones that were your best friend.

Best friends have fun together, they shared a common sense of humor, and most importantly, they support each other. Women can be a lot of close friends that they can open. But most men their closest friends are guys — not such a great source of emotional support. Because when they break up with a girl who was their best friend, they experience a double separation: losing not only the girl, but and other support.

The girl who is best friend to her boyfriend, giving him the feeling of love in a broader sense. This awareness support partner who will always help in solving any problem. This is a relationship in which people are not measure by their feelings, not decide who owes what to whom, and together cope with life’s circumstances.

And after breaking up with a girl guy even after years can think, and maybe it was my same one? Because it was a special feeling of comfort. With her was fun. There was no pressure, intrigues, scandals.

The girl who was best friends with — that’s the one you’re going to miss him. The one with which you will compare all others. The one about the breakup which you’ll regret.

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