About the benefits of ascorbic acid

The main active ingredient in ascorbic acid is vitamin C, which is a necessary vitamin to support the body and immune system at a good level.

Про користь аскорбінової кислоти

Ascorbic acid is a compound organic in nature, having family ties with such substances as glucose. Ascorbic acid is one of the key acidic elements in the human body, reports Rus.Media.

Про користь аскорбінової кислоти

Functional ability of ascorbic acid directed at the recovery process and functioning of metabolic processes.

The main active ingredient in ascorbic acid is vitamin C, which is a necessary vitamin to support the body and immune system at a good level. Therefore, this acid is often referred to simply as vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is often found in nature, it is contained in many fruits and some vegetables.

Ascorbic acid in its properties is white or light yellow powder that has a sour taste. In addition, this acid is very soluble in liquids, giving a sour flavor the water in which it will be dissolved.

In 1932, when he first found the vitamin C, its share had great plans. But experiments have shown that using ascorbic acid can only support the human body and prevent various diseases.

If poisoning ascorbic acid normalizes processes of oxidation and restores the normal environment in the human body. In cases of poisoning, the dose of ascorbic acid may be up to 0.25 ml per 1 kg of weight.

The lack of vitamins in the period of change of seasons, also a reason for the use of ascorbic acid. This can be as a drug and fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C that you must add in your daily menu. This will help to strengthen the immune system and is easier to move such a period.

The use of ascorbic acid

About the benefits of ascorbic acid can be judged by the symptoms of its lack. The lack of proper amounts of vitamin C when you notice the following symptoms:

Pale skin;

The weakening of the immune system;

Increased tightening of the RAS;

Bleeding gums, unsteadiness of teeth;

General malaise;

Anxiety and poor sleep;

Pain in the lower extremities (especially toes and feet).

That these symptoms did not appear, and acts as ascorbic acid. Also it will be useful if available.


A quality drug ascorbic acid by itself is safe. But that doesn’t mean that you can eat askorbinku packs. A number of contraindications to this drug still exists.

The problem in overdose of vitamin C, which is OK, but it is only for healthy people, but those who have stomach problems (gastritis, ulcers) use this amount of acid can cause a number of complications.

Drugs are not compatible with taking ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid should not be used with medicines that contain large amounts of iron, caffeine, vitamin B12, and folic acid. More complete and detailed information about compatibility, it is better to read in the abstract, it is in each package.

Should know before use, ascorbic acid

The use of ascorbic acid depends on specific factors.

First, you need a medical consultation,

secondly you need to purchase ascorbic acid in tablets or liquid form in pharmacies of large networks, it is very important because fake drugs are increasingly caught on the shelves.

To use this medicine better after eating. The dose for preventive treatment of vitamin deficiency 50-100 mg for an adult per day.

For children the norm is 25-75 mg. of Course, this dose depends on the body weight of the person and his age. Larger doses are used in diseases in the course of intensive drug treatment.

Using ascorbic acid is necessary to observe the correct dosage to avoid incompatible drugs and consult with a doctor.

Unfortunately a lot of people think that vitamins are not superfluous, but in fact the excess vitamins often exposes the body to stress and makes it vulnerable to disease. Most often, the excess of vitamins is more harmful than the lack of them, although less common.

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