About the reintegration

Про реинтеграцию

A very curious statement was made by the head of Department of civil-military cooperation of Ukraine, Colonel Alexei Nozdrachev.

He said that the Ukrainian military is ready to integrate with the Russian military of “LDNR” and armed units of the separatists of Donbass. But with the right-wing radicals will be more difficult.

“The issue of reintegration is the issue in the first place security. I want to assure you that the military Russians, who fought against us and continue to fight, and even the military, which is in the units of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, if a decision is made and implemented political, they reintegrarea very quickly. Because, after all, in addition to national ideas exist military tradition. And to find a common language military military Russians and Ukrainians, even if they were enemies, it is possible,” said Nozdrachev.

However, according to him, there is a problem with the reintegration of veterans ATO and right-wing radicals.

“But don’t forget that there are right-wing movements that are not controlled by the government (won’t go into details). Taking the overall picture: primordialism now released uncontrolled and not (except special services) state policy on the reintegration of these veterans (and sometimes, not always veterans, and sometimes not always people who are concerned about the security of the state) to public policy and reintegration initiatives,” said the Colonel.

However, this statement predictably caused a mental paroxysms to the “Patriotic” garbage, so the staff took for the marginalized under the hood and saying that he was not upolnomochen to this statement, has reported that it has appointed office investigationvarjag2007su

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