About trump, Zelensky and s-400: what Putin said at the summit of the BRICS

О Трампе, Зеленском и С-400: что говорил Путин по итогам саммита БРИКС

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The President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a press conference on the results of the BRICS summit in Brasilia. The head of state answered questions of journalists about the work of the Association and also about foreign policy. The key statement in the material RIA Novosti.

On the role of the BRICS in world politics

The Russian leader said that the BRICS not only to remember, when the summits. According to him, last year passed a large number of activities under the auspices of the unions, and countries have coordinated positions on key areas of development.
Putin said BRICS is “a certain factor of stability not only in politics but also in the global economy, as countries favour open markets, against any kind of protectionism.””This year, the BRICS have bypassed the country’s “seven” in terms of GDP in purchasing power by 12%. The following year, the BRICS will be plus $ 50 trillion compared with the countries of the “sevens” who might not notice,” he said, adding that this is a significant fact in world Affairs and it will grow.

On the supply of s-400 to India

The President said that the talks on deliveries of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 to India goes according to plan, the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi did not ask them to speed up.
Putin said that India is a sovereign state which values its sovereignty, and despite pressure from the outside adheres to all its commitments – as well as Russia.”Will develop cooperation, including with weapons, based on high technologies”, – said the Russian leader.

About the riots in Latin America

Commenting on the unrest in Latin America, Putin stated that the bottom always there exists the socio-economic causes, although there are elements outside interference.However, he noted that the region is changing very quickly, so it remains to hope that common sense will prevail over personal or group political ambitions.The President also spoke about the situation in Bolivia.
“There is a situation where there is no power at all… Anarchy. In General, similar to Libya. Although there is here a direct armed invasion from outside, but the country is on the verge of chaos actually is. This is an alarming signal,” he said.However, the President hopes that someone would take to power came in Bolivia, interest in the development of relations with Russia will continue. He said that Moscow is ready to cooperate with the authorities, who will have a legitimate mandate.

About the relationship with trump

According to Putin, meeting with the President of the United States Donald trump is not planned yet.However, he said that the arrival of the American leader to Moscow for the anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war, even in the framework of the campaign would be correct.
The President also acknowledged the contribution of the trump in the fight against terrorism in Syria. However, he said that before Russia came to Syria, the international coalition years “marking time”.

The interests of Russia in Syria

Putin said that Russia decided almost all problems in Syria.According to him, the interest was to prevent the penetration of large numbers of trained and prepared fighters from the Arab Republic. The President stressed that this is threatened not only Russia but also European countries and the USA.
“Everyone’s in danger, so we need to unite efforts,” he said.Putin said that after Russia began fighting the terrorism in Syria, 90% of the territory of this country liberated from the militants. He added that these territories placed under the control of the legitimate government of Syria.

About the relationship with Zelensky

The head of state said that he had “full contact” with Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky. The President added that during the talks on the situation in the Donbass need to come to some decisions.
During the press conference, Putin asked if before the meeting in “Norman” format to occur in personal negotiations of leaders of Russia and Ukraine, suggested that the ex-President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.”As for initiative… Nazarbayev. He lived many years in Ukraine, treats her with great sympathy. All the time I translates this attitude. But he always believed that Ukraine should seek happiness beyond the seas… and to negotiate with the neighbors, he said.Putin added that the meeting with Zelensky to the “Normandy” format of the question.He said that “if we are going to meet, then why bother to run on the unprepared meeting.” The President expressed confidence that he and Zelensky are interested in the result.

On the negotiations with Ukraine on gas

The President said that Russia is ready to work and on gas transit via Ukraine and supplies to this country at prices below “reverse”. So, Russia can reduce the price for direct supplies by 25 percent. Meanwhile, Putin said that reverse supplies from Europe to Ukraine is impossible.”The gas can in the halfpipe to flow in one direction, and in the halfpipe to the other. It is nonsense, you know, “gibberish”. It is unreal absolutely,” he said.Source

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