Abundance of small game

Abundance of small game

According to the observations of several experts in the field, amateurs of small game hunting should be delighted this season.

“I believe that we are going to experience one of the most beautiful small game hunting seasons in recent years,” explained the director of the Laurentides wildlife reserve, Sylvain Boucher. All of our people in the field explained to us that they saw a lot of grouse and grouse everywhere. Very often they spot groups of as many as four, five and even six birds at the same time. This is a very good sign for the season which is fast approaching. Even in the Croche-McCormick sector, which is not known for sheltering a large number of birds, the situation is the same. The game will be there. The same story comes from the Director General of the Quebec Federation of Hunters and Fishermen, Mr. Alain Cossette.

“All our people who are spread across Quebec report it to us. This year, partridge is in abundance, which bodes well for the season. Remember that small game hunting is the number one activity to introduce new followers. If these new hunters can get an improved experience collecting birds, that's even better for them. As in all other activities, when a person who is just starting out is successful, we make sure that he will return to the practice of this new hobby. Whoever we speak to, the consensus is unanimous: the season should be great.


Everything lies in the living conditions that prevail in the spring to ensure that the small game population is larger.

The partridge is a bird that nests on the ground. She makes her nest there and her young are born vulnerable to different conditions. Of course, there are the predators, but beyond that there are other things that come into play.

If we have a spring with colder temperatures, with heavy rains and sometimes even layers of ice forming on the ground, the survival of the young is in serious danger. They drown or die frozen. This is what explains very often that in certain hunting seasons, we would be led to believe that there is no small game in the forest. This spring we had conditions exactly opposite to those causing the problems. Little precipitation and a fairly warm temperature made the difference. The chances of survival of the young birds were almost certain. Small game hunting is undoubtedly the one that gives us the most positive conditions. Yes, there is the bird harvest.

Beyond that, it is practiced under ideal conditions, with the colors and smells of autumn, while nature is at its best. It is also practiced with the family, allowing in addition to observe the fauna around us, which is very active at this time of year. If you want to experience a small game hunting adventure, there are plenty of opportunities. Wildlife reserves, zecs and outfitters offer organized stays, with a good quality of service. On free territories, it is also possible to make beautiful excursions. You must keep in mind that if you are hunting on private land, you must always obtain the owner's permission before visiting his forest.

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