To have a chiseled figure and thus sometimes to pamper yourself with your favorite cake, don’t have to work hard in the gym or exhaust yourself with various diets
In order not to waste time worrying counting calories before each meal, it is enough to adopt a few rules. Being able to turn these recommendations into the lifestyle, you can significantly speed up the metabolism. And then there will be only happy to observe a stable weight loss.


1. Little by little, but often

Try to build the day so that you could eat every three hours. Don’t worry, you are not facing the obesity: have to eat often, but gradually. In addition, in no case should not forget about Breakfast. Scientists have proved that the morning meal is essential to start the metabolism.

Throughout the day no need to worry about feelings of hunger. You spend a lot of energy, so the desire to eat is normal. In any case, do not force yourself. It is better to allow yourself to eat a little more in the afternoon than to experience the guilt tightly with dinner in the evening. Snacks help keep you alert during the day and decrease the likelihood of overeating during main meals.

Importantly, the snacking does not become an absorbing bars, and muffins with chocolate.There are lots of options, tasty and safe for the figure snacking. For example, you can put it in your purse “strategic reserve” of fruit, nuts, cereal bars and eat when energy is low.


2. The maximum movement

Locomotor activity in any of its manifestations brings good spirits and speeds up metabolism. Running, yoga, swimming, pole dance, climbing stairs, exercising in the gym, cleaning the apartment, jumping rope, release the enclosure from the unnecessary things, gymnastics, cooking dinner, having sex, fitness, Hiking — the modern world provides many options.

Most importantly — choose the sport of your choice and move daily as often as possible! Do what gives satisfaction and not forced to follow fashion trends or anyone’s advice.Sports activities have to leave behind the tired, but smiling. If you hate the gym, but stubbornly continues to drag yourself to every class, don’t expect impressive results. Love to run go on the treadmill or stadium. I love to swim — sign up in the pool. Love to put things in order — please, it’s too active! Life moving along in a good mood after exercise is guaranteed to lead to an acceleration of metabolism and weight loss.

3. Water is the basis of metabolism

Drink 7-8 glasses of water a day. If the body lacks water, the liver begins to restore the water balance and ceases to burn fat. It is fraught with a slow metabolism. That water is involved in the metabolism of deferred fats, which usually requires serious and sustained effort.

In the heat, and if you are active in sports, feel free to increase the amount of fluid intake. In winter, with a decrease in physical activity — decrease.It is important to remember: the colder the water, the more the body spends energy to warm it up. So drink cool water in large quantity.


4. Breathe

It is the oxygen burns up our body fat, thereby contributing to the acceleration of metabolism. So try to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Instead of sitting in cafes with friends offer them a walk in the Park. Possible, give up transport and get to work and back on foot. Don’t sit in the office during your lunch break, even if you have accumulated a lot of work.

A ten-minute walk across the street slightly to relax and saturate the blood with oxygen.Come up with an alternative to the weekends, accompanied by the wallowing in bed with a box of eclairs and melodramas. For example, the rule is every Saturday going camping or picnics. A day out in the fresh air, energizes and will bring much more benefits than the long-awaited Oscar-winning film. In any case you will be able to see it — when the rains.

5. Enjoy the sun

The sun’s rays have the ability to increase the activity of the whole organism. Consequently the metabolism is also accelerated. In the summer we often have a desire to walk, but in winter, in order to force myself to go for a walk, you will need willpower. And even if the thermometer shows -15 degrees, admiring the bright sun and cheerfully go to breathe the frosty air.


6. Douche

Like to take a contrast shower in the morning. Change of temperatures tempers the body and provides a burst of energy that will last all day. In addition, this useful procedure is incredibly powerful metabolism booster.

7. Sauna, massage and aromatherapy

Any massage stimulates blood circulation and accelerates the metabolism. But there are a few types, which are directed to the acceleration of metabolism: vacuum, honey and lymphatic drainage. Take them on Board. They are most effectively accelerate the blood, improve its circulation and promote the excretion of the cells of toxins and impurities.

The hot steam in the sauna increases blood circulation in the cells, raises your heart rate and speeds up metabolism. Nice to add to this procedure herbal teas with honey — metabolism will surpass all expectations.Hot baths with a duration of 7-10 minutes with essential oils increase perspiration, dilate blood vessels, which helps to speed up metabolism. The most suitable for this oil of ginger, fennel, celery, juniper, orange, lemon, chamomile, grapefruit, dill, coriander.

So enroll in a massage, go to sauna and prepare a fragrant hot bath speeds up the metabolism with pleasure and relaxation.

8. Important products

Those who wish to accelerate the processes of metabolism, you need to include in your diet carrots, citrus fruits, organic coffee, green tea, cabbage (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower), soy milk, jalapenos, beans, fish, spinach, apples, curry, Turkey, cucumbers, avocado, berries, dairy and whole grain products, dark chocolate, pear, blueberry, pickled ginger, seaweed, nuts and celery. You should also take vitamin complexes containing vitamin B6, chromium, calcium, and iodine — they are responsible for the quality and speed of course of metabolism.


9. Proper sleep

Scientists of the University health Johns Hopkins Bloomberg it was found that during sleep we give the body a chance to feel the relaxation and satisfaction that it responds to the production of leptin – a hormone signaling about absence of need for food. Regular lack of sleep, on the contrary, leads to an increase in the amount of another hormone, ghrelin, methodically forcing us to eat more.

A French organization Inserm, dedicated to research in biology and medicine, conducted an experiment on the effect of the number of hours of sleep on the process of weight loss. This created two groups of women with problems of excess weight. Both groups had the same caloric diet. But in the first group of women sleeping 6 hours a day and the second 7-8 hours. Two months later was made control measurements, and that’s what it became: a group of women, who sleep the required 8 hours, reduced the weight by 30% more than the group that slept only 6 hours.

Draw conclusions, go to bed early, and Wake up with the first rays of the sun. In this case, metabolic processes will start working properly, and activity throughout the day you will be provided.

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