Accident in Nizhneangarsk: Antonov an-24 operated for 42 years

PHOTO : Glavnoe UPRAVLENIE MCHS Rossii po Respublike Buryatiya


Emergency stranded Thursday in Nizhneangarsk, Buryat plane An-24 operated since 1977. This was stated by the representative of the airline “Angara”, RIA “Novosti”.

“An-24, tail number 47366, operated since 1977. Technically the plane was in good condition, serviced in accordance with the regulations. According to the schedule he was supposed to go on Wednesday, but the flight was canceled because of the weather conditions”, – the interlocutor told journalists.

He added that additional aboard the airline, which should deliver passengers from Moscow to Irkutsk, flew. At the destination, he will arrive around five p.m. local time (12:00 GMT).

We will remind, on Thursday morning, the passenger An-24 of airline “Angara” has crash-landed at the airport of Nizhneangarsk in Buryatia after he refused one of the engines. During the landing the plane has left the runway and collided with the building of sewage treatment plants. Happened aircraft fire, killing the pilot Vladimir kolomin and techniques Oleg large woven reed mats. 21 passengers asked for medical help. The fire was extinguished. In fact the incident a criminal case was initiated. A plane crash, investigating Agency and MAC.