Accident mountain BIKING in The Bay: the father who forgot his daughter accused

Accident de VTT à La Baie: le père qui a oublié sa fille accusé

THE BAY | A father who has abandoned his 5 year old daughter after an accident mountain BIKING, Sunday, at The Bay, will have to explain himself before the court.

To 12: 20 pm, a man of 30 years old, who was riding without a helmet on Victoria street in the company of her 5 year old girl, without a helmet it’s not over, crashed into a parked car. The girl has been projected and it has suffered injuries to the arm. According to one witness, the father approached the child, providing her with what to wipe. It has, however, left the scene quickly, leaving her little on place.

“This is a woman who took a walk that went over to see,” said Maryse Lemieux, a resident of the area. “It took her in his arms and was really very nice with it.”

The man was eventually apprehended by police at approximately 300 meters of the scene of the accident. The Direction of youth protection (DYP) has been notified.

“A man travels on a public road are prohibited, ATV, without a helmet, with her young daughter without a helmet, and that part, leaving it behind him, it is rather particular,” observed Bruno Cormier, a spokesman for the police of Saguenay.

The man faces charges of failing to assist a person in difficulties. He was already waiting procedure for a case of driving while intoxicated, which dates back to last spring.

“The accidents of mountain BIKING usually occurs off-trail and because people neglect to wear the helmet,” lamented the president’s club quad Saguenay, Roch Duchesne.

“They say that they do not go quickly, but it is enough that they hit a stump or a level difference on the roadway for the accident to happen. A child sitting in between the driver and the handlebars can be overwritten, the ATV can flip to the side”, said Mr. Duchesne.

Another young follower of the ATV, 16 years of age, was struck by a car Sunday evening, at 21h, on Talbot boulevard in Laterrière.

He was wearing his helmet, but he had no permit and he was riding on an ATV is not licensed and without a fire position. Under the force of the impact, his helmet was thrown fifty meters away, according to police. His life, however, would not be threatened.

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