Accord, Absolutes and perfume 6 of the terms a shame not to know

Аккорд, абсолю и еще 6 парфюмерных терминов, которые стыдно не знать 

In perfumery, as in winemaking, there are many special terms. And if the meaning of some can be guessed, the other for the majority of inhabitants remain a mystery.We decided to tell you about the most common and useful terms from the world of perfume that you should know to understand all the nuances when communicating with the consultant in the boutique.Accord perfumes, the concept of “chord” is used in the same way as in music. A musical chord consists of different notes, but all together they sound as one, because they are in harmony. And perfume: different notes are blended together to form a whole new flavor.Globigerina is a measure of the quality of flavor. Really good perfume takes us on three styles of music — from the top to the base. And the more interesting transitions from one stage to another, the higher the skill of the perfumer.”Sillage”Is a French word literally means the trail of the scent. When passing you on the street it takes a woman and leaves behind a nice perfume, this is the most sillage.”Drydown”This term in perfumery represent the time of disclosure of flavor — the transition from upper and middle to sustainable basic notes. In other words, the drydown is the final sound of the scent when since its application has been a long time (“dry”), and he managed to “calm down” on the skin (“down”).Onlinetenuate — it accents the flavors and shades that have perfume with the addition of various components. If the note describes the perfume as a whole, the tone just conveys its implicit sound.Konzentrationen, with this term, everything is clear, but just in case, should be clarified. The concentration determines the durability and strength of flavor. According to this criterion, all perfumes are divided into four categories: parfum with the highest oil content (15-30%), eau de parfum (15-20%), eau de toilette (5-15%) and eau de cologne (2-4%). The higher the number, the longer the scent will last on the skin.The notes are different scents that make up the finished flavor. As a rule, all perfumes contain three types of notes: top, middle and base. The top felt most strongly, the duration of their sound varies from 5 to 10 minutes, medium — soft and delicate sound from 20 minutes to an hour, and the base — form the basis of all flavor. The duration of their flavour may exceed days.Absolutrely the word “absolute” is called rich extract derived from flowers and plants. It has a high concentration of perfume oils so are used in almost all perfumes.