According to the rules of Feng Shui: six things that absolutely can not be stored under the bed

По правилам фэншуй: шесть вещей, которые категорически нельзя хранить под кроватью

Feng Shui is a Taoist practice by proper arrangement of the space, which helps to place things in the house so that you feel comfortable and cozy to live there. To feel good – it is important to sleep. And there are things that prevent rest. Your attention to six things that absolutely can not be stored under the bed.
1. Bad memories

Things that trigger negative memories only take away your energy, draining you.

2. Gifts ex-lovers

Any items that was given to you by former lovers, constantly remind you of the past, stopping on the way to the future. Even if these gifts cause you to have good feelings, get them away from your bed.

3. Dirty clothes and shoes

To store under the bed dirty, torn and broken clothes and shoes you should not. Either get rid of it or fix it. Otherwise your energy will go nowhere.

4. Artificial plants

If you keep under the bed artificial, and in other words, dead plants, then don’t be surprised why you feel a lack of energy, can’t sleep and rest for the night. The dead plant is a dead energy.

5. Broken things

It’s almost like dirty clothes and shoes. It is important to understand that broken things energy is the same – they carry destruction and handicap. Your troubles and bad luck can directly be linked with it. Remove broken things from under the bed, because they scare away the luck.

6. Old appliances

Not only that, you such things do not enjoy and still do not know, do take advantage of, so it is also the abyss of your energy. In addition, various gadgets more or less, but there is metal, and he, according to Feng Shui, can cause negative situations and inexplicable fear.

However, all of the things from the list, it would be better to reconsider and think well whether they are in your house at all. Remember that a clear space creates pure thoughts and enables something new to come into your life.

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