Activist beaten Melnychuk accused in the attack of radicals C14

Избитый активист Мельничук обвинил в нападении радикалов из С14

© UA: DNIPRO / facebookHackneyed in the river activist Vladimir Melnychuk suspects in the attack of right-wing organization C14. This was announced on November 23 in the group “UA:Dnipro” in Facebook.
“It is possible that this may be due to the fact that we were on the eve of the conflict with the C14. We’re still trying to figure out is this, or is it someone else. The conflict was due to the fact that we had an event, “Maidan: an oral history”. Our FIRST organized presentation of the book. In the process of organizing events from C14 there is a strange situation that they have put a logo on the West. Positioned that it is their event. The organizers have a question, was consistent with someone. Nobody gave response,” said the victim.

The activist does not exclude that the beating could be related to educational and anti-corruption activities of his organization.On the eve of the Dnieper, five men in balaclavas beat two activists from the public organization “Community of active youth — by MYSELF.”

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