Actor Ewan McGregor starred in the movie “the Shining”

Актер Юэн Макгрегор снялся в продолжении фильма «Сияние»

Actor Ewan McGregor starred in the sequel to writer Stephen king’s “the Shining”. In the United States the new book “Doctor Sleep” was released in 2013, reports .

In the story, McGregor in the same film, plays a grown-up Danny, who in “the Shining” was a little boy and possessed psychic abilities. Adult Danny works in a hospice and he will meet again with the evil.

In the Network appeared the trailer for the new film. Rental are planning to release in autumn 2019.

The original Stanley Kubrick film “the Shining” based on the novel by king was published in 1980. In the film, the writer Jack TORRANCE (played by the actor Jack Nicholson) went for the winter season at the hotel the overlook with his wife and son Danny. The writer had to look a few months in a deserted hotel. At this time, the family is starting to happen all the evil things. The film received several awards.

In 1997 he was filmed “the Shining”, which was the remake of the movie.