Actress Monique Mercure died

La comédienne Monique Mercure est décédée

Actress Monique Mercure died in the night from Saturday to Sunday, at the age of 89 years.

“Monique Mercury died peacefully this night. A great artist is gone. We were faithful friends and inseparable for the past 30 years”, announced the director and chief executive officer of the Canada Council for the Arts, Simon Brault.

According to Mr. Brault, the state-of-the grande dame of cinema has deteriorated over the last week, while she was in palliative care at Maison Saint-Raphael. He explained, in a tribute published on his page Facebook, have received a call last Thursday informing him of an increase in palliative sedation. He was able to talk to him one last time on Friday.

“I just lost the one with whom I was always in contact for the past 29 years. We were bound by a friendship that active that only death could interrupt. She was telling anyone who would listen, that she was my second mother,” said Simon Brault, in lamenting the departure of a “great artist”.

Born Monique Émond on November 14, 1930 in Montreal, she has had a rich career both on stage and on the big and small screens, his talent even driving up on the Croisette, where in 1977 she received the Prix d’interprétation féminine at the Cannes film Festival for his role in the film “J. A. Martin photographer”, by Jean Beaudin, ex-aequo with Shelley Duvall for ‘3 Women” by Robert Altman.

With a diploma from the École de musique Vincent-d’indy won in 1949, Monique Mercure was destined for a career as a cellist, but she was also at the dance.

Since the 1960s

She married Pierre Mercure in 1949, with whom she had three children, Michele, born in 1952, and twins Christian and Daniel in 1954. The couple divorced in 1958, paving in any way the path to the career of actress Monique Mercure, who landed on tv in 1961, in the first version of “Under the sign of the lion”.

Subsequently, she has played in front of the cameras of “La Petite-Patrie”, “minister”, “The Legacy”, “Shehaweh”, “Innocence”, “The return” and “Providence”. His game for this latest soap opera has earned him two awards for interpretation to the Gemini. More recently, it has been seen in “Mémoires vives”.

At the cinema, in addition to “J. A. Martin photographer”, Monique Mercure is illustrated with scenes from many films such as “Two women in gold”, “There was a time in the East,” “My uncle Antoine”, “In the belly of the dragon”, “The red violin” and “The dusk”. She also acted under the orders of Canadian David Cronenberg’s the time of “Naked Lunch”, taking this opportunity to get hands-on with the best performance prize for a supporting actress at the Genie Awards (she won the same award seven years later for the film “Conquest” of Piers Haggard).

Contribution to the theatre

Monique Mercure, who has been the director of the national theatre School from 1991 to 1997, and then its artistic director from 1997 to 2000, received the Gascon-Thomas Award (national theatre School in 2008.

Many years earlier, in 1993, he was awarded three awards: the governor general’s Award for the performing arts, the Denise Pelletier Prize, and the Prix Gascon-Roux. In addition, she has been honored by the national Order of Quebec and Order of Canada.

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