Actress of the series “Sex in the city”

Скончалась актриса сериала «Секс в большом городе»

At the age of 94 years died an American actress Sylvia miles, according to the portal . In her biography of dozens of films and TV series.

According to the portal, miles felt ill at his home in new York and called an ambulance. The actress died on the way to the hospital.

Sylvia miles was born in 1924 in new York. Started acting in TV series 1960-ies. In 1969 he played in the movie “Midnight cowboy.” For her role was nominated for the award “Oscar”. The second time was nominated for the film “farewell, my beauty”.

In the creative biography of the actress many roles in films and serials, among them “sex and the city”, “the wall street. Money never sleeps”.

Earlier it was reported that at the age of 82 years died actor Jim McMullan. Known for his roles in the TV series “Santa Barbara”, “”Baywatch” and others.