Actress Pegova tired of stamped roles in the movie

Актриса Пегова устала от штампованных ролей в кино

Actress Irina Pegova not pleased with the offered role in the movie. According to her, often see her or in the form of “distinguishing aunt” or “Russian national character” – “that is only two or three of the stamp”. About it the actress said in an interview with “Izvestia”.

“It’s good that two or three. Some had only one. I have at least some variety, but, of course, want something more,” said Pegov.

The actress added that the theatre and cinema for her equal.

“Maybe I will feel better, because everything happens here and now. The result depends on you. And in the theater more opportunities,” explained Pegova.

She also stated that her favorite actress is cate Blanchett.

Earlier it was reported that the singer Yegor Krid will play a major role in the film directed by Marius Weisberg “(NOT) the Perfect man.” His partner will be the actress Julia Alexandrov, known for the films “Kiss!” and “the best day”. In a fantastic Comedy tells of a near future in which robots have become an integral part of everyday life. The script of the film written Zhora Krizovnicka and Eugene Khripkova, and was produced by Alexander Rodnyansky. The film will be released in the spring of 2020.