Ad agencies will encourage their clients to invest here

Advertising agencies Quebec is gives the word : they want to convince advertisers to rely more on the media here.

In Quebec, approximately 60 % of advertising budgets are devoted to digital, which represents spending of over a billion dollars per year. Of this amount, a proportion of just 14 per cent will go to the media in quebec – the rest resulted in giant aliens as well as Google.

“Our goal is to double this share within the next three years. If it did, it insufflerait when even $ 200 million per year into the ecosystem [ … ] ” has told yesterday to the Newspaper, Dominique Villeneuve, CEO of the Association of communication agencies creative (A2C).

To achieve this ambition, A2C and the Board of directors media in Quebec have adopted a “manifesto” in eight points. The initiative had been planned since several months, but its launch has been accelerated due to the pandemic.

Everywhere in the world, the crisis resulted in a drop in advertising revenues dramatically, which has severely hit the traditional media.

A directory of more than 400 media

In parallel, we launch today a directory of more than 400 media outlets in quebec. The website has been developed voluntarily by the montreal-based firm technology advertising M32 Connect.

Not all advertisers will be able to repatriate fully their advertising budgets in the mass media of quebec, has recognized Ms. Villeneuve.

“It is especially necessary to pave the way for reflection and raise awareness among advertisers, she said. I think of the times, it goes with a certain ease to the global platforms, while the media here have really attributes that should not be overlooked, while providing a good performance.”

Note that the crisis has also affected the advertising agencies in québec, that have seen their revenue plunge of 20% to 30% in average.

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