Adams jr has the hope of playing

Adams jr entretient l’espoir de jouer

Vernon Adams jr is like a lion in a cage. One-quarter of the Alouettes was anxious to know if he will play or not its season 2020 in the canadian football League (CFL).

“At this point, I don’t know at what point I am confident of playing, said Adams jr in a video conference. We don’t know when we will receive the call to tell us that we are going to play.”

In recent weeks, the canadian League has postponed the start of its training camps and the start of its regular season. Several information are now talking about a season of nine games and could start on the 1st of September.

“I like it better a few games than no season at all. I would have no problem with a season shortened as long as everyone is healthy, explained Adams jr. This is what I do in life. I want to play football.

“I want to give a good show, score hit and all that surrounds you in a match. I would have no problem to be tested on a regular basis. With this procedure, it would ensure that everyone would be in health before you jump on the field. ”

Several observers speak of the possibility of matches behind closed doors. However, in the economic reality of the CFL, it would be difficult to achieve. All teams depend on revenue from ticketing and concessions to balance their budgets.

“It would be difficult to play without the presence of spectators. And on the other hand, it could be interesting. No team would have home field advantage and all that would count, what would be the strategies of the opposing formation. ”

A question of money

Since the beginning of the crisis, the association of the players of the CFL and the authorities of the league have discussed the different scenarios that could be put forward. Henoc Muamba and John Bowman are the two representatives of the Alouettes.

“They are trying to get a date of return, but this is not yet possible to have one, pointed out Adams. All I can do is train me and keep me ready for that day. ”

The salaries of the players of the canadian League are among the lowest in professional sports. More athletes may have to scrape the funds of the drawer, especially that they are paid on a weekly basis during the regular season.

“This is the first time in my life that I did not pay to the other, said the pivot of the Cheerleader who received a bonus upon signing his new contract. If there is no season, I’m going to go back to this reality so that there are no jobs available. It would be hard. ”

The renovations and training

Adams jr stays busy during this forced break. During the first days of confinement, he took his tools to renovate his garage to transform it into a gymnasium.

“I train every day, stressed the athlete, aged 27. I do running to keep in shape. I am also a small course with cones.

“I have a net designed for quarter-back. However, it can become annoying in the long run. Besides, I’ve broken my light with a bad pass. I am doing the best I can like everyone else.”

On the occasion, one of his neighbours comes to pick up passes in the street.

“It preserves the social distancing of six feet. It allows me to keep my arm active and making passes with a moving target.”

For his teammates, he communicates with them a few times a week.

“One of the meetings of quarters every week. I also speak to the recipients every week to ensure that we are on the same wavelength on certain aspects. I also discussed it with a few players online.”

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