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Des supplémentaires pour Au creux de l’oreille

The public has strongly responded to the call. The branch of quebec of the movement in The hollow of the ear, which will offer readings custom, performed by actors, will continue until 23 may.

With more than 1400 requests for listeners who have been received since last April 22, the Theatre Periscope has chosen to continue this initiative free of charge, which unfolds at the provincial level and that needed to be completed Sunday.

The movement in The hollow of the ear has been put in place by Wajdi Mouawad and his team at the Theatre La Colline in Paris.

With this initiative, actors will offer readings custom listeners in order to break the isolation in this confinement period.

The Theatre Periscope responded to the invitation of the actresses Marie-Josée Bastien, and Linda Laplante of Quebec city, who participate in the French initiative, with the establishment of a pane of quebec. Two hundred and eighty-one actors have participated in this operation province.

“We receive so many testimonies light of the public, but also artists. These telephone appointments will suspend the time and give each a moment around the words shared”, have informed in a press release, the members of the collective.

Place limited

These individual readings of 15 minutes are offered Tuesday through Saturday between 16h and 20h.

Places are limited and it is necessary, to reserve a time slot, fill out a form available on the website of the Theatre Periscope (

An artist volunteer will then contact the person or members of a family to make the reading of extracts from essays, stories, novels, poetry, plays or lyrics of songs.

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