Adidas promises that 30% of new hires will be black people or latinos

Adidas promet que 30% des nouvelles embauches seront des personnes noires ou latinos

Adidas has promised on Tuesday that 30% of new hires in the U.s. will be to black people or latinos-american, amid protests anti-racists throughout the country since almost 15 days.

“The events of the last 15 days we have all been forced to think about what we can do to oppose the forces of cultural and systemic which feed on the racism,” said Kasper Rorsted, the CEO of Adidas as cited in a press release.

Adidas announced this measure, and several others, on the same day of the funeral of George Floyd, a black man asphyxiated by a white policeman while he was handcuffed. His death has become the symbol of the fight against police brutality and racism against Afro-Americans.

Adidas enjoys a cult status in a part of the black community – a documentary recently recalled that Michael Jordan would have wanted to sign with Adidas before Nike made it immensely rich – but of the employees of the brand with the three stripes reproached him lately for not doing enough to combat racial discrimination.

The German group has also announced that it will increase to $ 20 million, in the next 4 years, the amounts it allocates to support programs of the black community in the United States (a program of basketball to disadvantaged communities, additional funds for the school of design of shoes or even a program to support the black community through sport).

It has also pledged 50 scholarships to 50 of its black employee per year for the next 5 years.

The leaders in North America, Zion Armstrong and Matt O’toole have to give more details Tuesday when meeting with employees in Portland (west) and Boston (north-east).

Finally, like many companies in recent weeks, Adidas has promised to do better in terms of fight against racism.

“We understand that the fight against racism is a fight that must be carried out non-stop and actively. We must, and we will do better”, promises the company.

Exceptional fact, the person who manages the Twitter account of Adidas was even retweeted the message anti-racist of its rival Nike: “For once, “Don’t Do It”… Don’t pretend that there is not a problem in America”. He added: “Together we are going forward. Together we change things.”

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