Advisor to the President of Poland said that not enough Jews resisted the Holocaust

The scandal surrounding the sudden Polish law to a new level (of idiocy).

Радник президента Польщі заявив, що євреї недостатньо чинили опір Голокосту

Background: the Sejm of Poland adopted a law introducing criminal prosecution for the allegations that the poles have any relation to the Holocaust and the genocide of the Jews during the Second world war. This provoked fierce debate in Poland, and an equally harsh condemnation of historians, as a significant number of death camps were on the territory of modern Poland, reports Rus.Media.

This is not to say that the poles had some good reason for the law. By the end of 1938 Poland is not that of a sovereign state, and even just the country it was difficult to call from the West was occupied by Germany from the East — the Red army. Therefore, the accusations of collaboration with the poles was not much show.

However, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, commenting on the signing, stated that “the law will help to preserve the dignity and historical truth.”

The conspiracy theorists, there is an implicit ranking of theories removed from common sense. One thing — the debate is whether global warming is part of a natural cycle or caused solely by the influence of man. And another denial of the Holocaust. According to the degree of idiocy of this conspiracy theory is adjacent to the flat Earth and the world government with superrace reptiles. In Germany, the neighbor of Poland, there is punishment for denying the Holocaust.

The adoption of the law was followed by comments of officials from Israel, and they were quite restrained. It seems that the Jews are simply stunned by this unexpected development. To summarize a response, they wanted to say: “Well, again. Good old-fashioned Polish anti-Semitism.”

And here the adviser of the President of Poland Andrzej Zybertowicz made a statement that Israel’s response is “the shame of the inaction of Jews during the Holocaust” (feeling of shame at the passivity of the Jews during the Holocaust).

The official reaction of Israel is not followed.

The Holocaust was planned by Nazi Germany the persecution and genocide of certain peoples. Some definitions of the Holocaust included Jews only. In a broader sense, as well as an implementation plan for cleaning up the European gene pool, that is the murder of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Freemasons, terminally or chronically ill and the disabled.

Victims of the Holocaust were 6 million Jews.

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