Advocacy for more resources for children with autism

Plaidoyer pour avoir plus de ressources pour les enfants autistes

School enrollment is a constant challenge for children with autism. Many of these young people attend school less than two hours per day.

This is particularly the case of Quentin, a young autistic in the region of Quebec.

But the lack of resources carries its own set of challenges and impacts on the working lives of parents are undeniable.

“He has no transportation to school. Must go to wear it and one should stay on-site because in fact, it has no sense to return to the house for a short period of time,” says Laurence Simard, the mother of Quentin.

It is all the more difficult for parents to hold a job. The situation creates a financial pressure pretty high on the households.

“I can’t have a regular job, so it means that I can not have group insurance, I can’t have pension funds”, laments Ms. Simard.

A speaker at Autism Québec asks for more resources, and most importantly, more options for parents.

“So, is this going to be in the form of guard service or workshop day? This will certainly be to think,” says Véronique Tremblay.

“When Quentin is not at school, he is at home. There are no other services that exist. It is here that creates a drop-off point for the families,” added her mother.

The young Amelia, who lives with the spectrum of autism, is of the opinion that it is necessary to also review the training of teachers.

“I find that the schools are not quite suitable for young people with autism. I would love to see that teachers and educators are more aware of autism or that they are more informed,” she said.

According to figures from 2017 in Quebec, more than 17 000 young people 1 to 17 years living with the autism spectrum. The diagnoses were four times higher among boys.

The two women, now wish that the politicians get involved to make change happen. Besides, they will meet with the official opposition, on Thursday, at the national Assembly.

“How many families are affected by this abandonment, in this hole of services there? They are or, those families? What is their needs? It has not, this portrait-there” asked Laurence Simard.

She doesn’t hide it, she would like this better for her and her son.

“But I would especially like for things to go better for all families, and we recognize that reality and that this reality is really well documented and it is taken into account, collectively and politically”, she hopes.

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