Aeronauts from Russia, Japan and Poland came under Pskov

Воздухоплаватели из России, Японии и Польши слетелись под Псков

At the international meeting of aeronauts, which takes place in Velikie Luki in Pskov region, the 36 teams from Poland and Japan, as well as from different regions of Russia, reports TASS.

Most pilots expressed a desire to participate in sports competitions. They are doing the job, will fight for the most exact hit in the purpose. Three more crew will be performing for his viewers enjoyment.

Results of the tests will be revealed the winners, who will receive the Friendship Cup, the Cup of Princess Olga, the Cup of Velikie Luki. In addition, the jury will determine the winner of the Championship of Russia on aeronautic sports. President of the international jury at this time was John Grubbstrom, honorary President of the International Federation of aviation sports.

The meeting started on 11 June and will end on June 17.

Earlier balloon “Russia” broke two records. For the first time rose above ten kilometers, and the skydiver jumped from the height of nine miles.