Afghanistan: first air strikes by the united states against the taliban since the cease-fire

Afghanistan: premières frappes aériennes américaines contre les talibans depuis le cessez-le-feu

Kabul | The United States have carried out first air strikes against the taliban in Afghanistan since the introduction at the end of may a rare cease-fire between the insurgents and the afghan forces, announced Friday the american forces.

The two air raids were conducted Thursday and Friday in two different provinces, said on Twitter Sonny Legget, a spokesperson for the u.s. forces in Afghanistan.

“This is the first air strikes by the united states against (the taliban) since the beginning of the cease-fire for the Eid el-Ftir, the feast marking the end of the month of ramadan, said the spokesman.

“We repeat : all the parties must reduce the violence in order to facilitate the peace process,” added Mr. Legget.

In an attack to separate against their vehicle, ten afghan police officers were killed Friday in the South-East of the country, according to officials.

“This morning, a mine buried in the side of the road by the taliban has targeted a vehicle (military) Humvee in the afghan security forces in the province of Zabol”, where the insurgents are very present, informed the spokesperson of the ministry of the Interior, Tareq Arian.

A cease-fire surprise of the three days had been initiated as of may 24, by the taliban, on the occasion of the Eid el-Fitr, but they have not extended, despite numerous requests of the afghan government.

The insurgents have since resumed their deadly attacks against afghan security forces throughout the country, but the violence on the whole declined since.

Before the cease-fire, they had sharply stepped up their operations against the forces of Kabul, since the signature at the end of February in Doha, an agreement between Washington and the taliban, not ratified by the afghan authorities.

The text provides for the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country by may 2021 in exchange including security guarantees on the part of the insurgents and their commitment to start negotiations with the afghan government.

The taliban have since ceased to attack the foreign forces, but continuing operations against the afghan forces, and Washington continues sometimes to intervene on the fields of battle to lend a hand.

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