Afghanistan: Pompeo calls for the release of prisoners, taliban

Afghanistan: Pompeo appelle à la libération de prisonniers talibans

The us secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called a council of elders, scheduled for Friday in Afghanistan to free hundreds of prisoners are taliban, some of whom are accused of serious crimes, in order to advance the peace process.

“We recognize that the release of these prisoners is unpopular,” said Mike Pompeo in a press release, a few hours before the start of a loya jirga, a traditional assembly of elders which is expected to participate in approximately 3 200 dignitaries in Kabul.

“But this hard act will lead to an important, long-awaited by the Afghans and friends of Afghanistan: the reduction of violence and direct talks leading to a peace agreement and the end of the war,” he added.

The assembly of elders must decide the fate of the approximately 400 detainees taliban accused of serious crimes in which the afghan government has so far refused to release.

The agreement of 29 February, between the United States and the taliban provides for the release by the government of afghanistan to 5,000 insurgents, and that by these the last of 1 000 members of the security forces.

The afghan authorities have released about 4 900 prisoners the taliban. The insurgents refused to start negotiations until all the 5,000 prisoners have not been released.

The taliban have announced their side have already fulfilled their part of the exchange.

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