Africa will experience their first malaria vaccine

В Африке испытают первую вакцину от малярии

About 360 000 children from three African countries receive the world’s first vaccine against malaria within the framework of a large-scale pilot project.

Vaccination will affect Malawi, Ghana and Kenya, reports .

The product provides partial protection from the disease. Previous clinical studies have shown that it prevents four of the ten possible cases of infection.

“But 40% protection in the most dangerous part of the world, Africa is better than no protection at all,” the researchers note.

The representatives of the world health organization said that for 15 years has made great strides in the fight against malaria. But before the complete victory is still far.

According to the who, 2000-2015 number of infections decreased by 41% and mortality by 62%, but then the numbers started to grow again. In 2016 registered 217 million cases in 2017 – already 219 million

The experts explained that in a few years, the pathogens have developed resistance to available drugs. If you do not take any measures, by 2020 years the incidence of malaria may again jump. A new vaccine is likely to change this scenario.

According to experts, the drug will save tens of thousands of children’s lives.

“What is our life? Game!”В Африке испытают первую вакцину от малярии“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” At the moment, malaria die each year 435 000 people. Particularly vulnerable to this disease are children under the age of five years.

Most outbreaks occur in African countries.

The vaccine in question, called RTS,S or Mosquirix. It was developed by British pharmaceutical company GSK in 1987 and for several decades have passed varied tests.

Children plan to instill in four stages: three times at the age of five to nine months and in the last two years.

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